Alexandra Naughton's Posey, Deluxe Edition, Redux, forthcoming from Bottlecap Press

Watch video: "Not A Real Documentary (My Posey Taste Like: The Paradise Lost Edition)"
On July 18, Alexandra Naughton's My Posey Taste Like: The Paradise Lost Edition (Bottlecap Press, 2017) will be available for pre-order. The collection includes poems from the original, highly acclaimed My Posey Taste Like (Bottlecap Press, 2015) plus ten new poems. 

The collection's first lead singles "you’re always thinking about big things" and "the empty farm house i visit in dreams" can both be read Saturday, July 15 at:

"In My Posey Taste Like: The Paradise Lost Edition, Naughton is telling us she's quite done playing performance poetry games (if we hadn't figured that out earlier.) This is a harrowing examination of obsession as fetish, commodity and tragedy on every level of all our lives. I ain't gonna lie...this is scary and creepy work, but it's head on the nail and it knows exactly what Paradise looks like." - Paul Corman-Roberts

“...dreamlike, sensual & unsettling, in a way that sticks with you and gets stuck in your head like a pop song.” - Leza Cantoral

The book is available in paperback with alternate cover art by Zach Stone and Christopher Campisi. The photos featured in the cover art concepts were taken by Joe Carrow in Berkeley, California, shortly before getting delicious sandwiches with Naughton at her favorite deli nearby.

Naughton's "concept album" inspired by Lana Del Rey is a narrator's reconciliation of old hauntings while making sense of new ones, it's an idea of what to expect from a preoccupation and not. Pieces from the collection have been published in Dope Angel Pussy, Lumen Magazine, Luna Luna Magazine, and elsewhere. 

The Paradise Lost Edition was written by Naughton after returning from a vacation to the East Coast: Philadelphia, where she performed at Tattooed Mom alongside Be About It author Amy Saul-Zerby, and New York City, where she read from Soft Opening at Berl's Poetry Shop in Brooklyn. 

Naughton has spent much of 2017 recharging by reading a lot of novels and working on new material and focusing on solidifying her publishing house, Be About It Press. After the release of American Mary, Naughton's prize-winning book published by Civil Coping Mechanisms in March 2016 ("the latest incarnation of the Great American Novella, at once unsettling and moving.”–Michael Kimball, author of Us), her writing work was put on hold, but after having several months to herself Naughton is feeling wonderfully well and ready to climb her way back to the legitimate stage. The Paradise Lost Edition is the beginning of this revival.

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