new rewards posted on Patreon

Social media is a mess these days. People are leaving facebook because they just figured out that the website has been selling our content for strategic marketing purposes forever. I want to be cool off facebook because it's an incredible waste of my time, for the most part, but I'm not going to delete it.

I want to stay connected with people and I want to be better at engaging with the literary community in a meaningful way. I want to stay in touch with people who make things, people who are doing shit. So I'll keep it and check it every so often but I'm no longer going to spend hours just scrolling. My time is better spent focusing on writing and making shit and keeping up with people who are doing the same.

So that's why I checked up on my Patreon page today. Go ahead, take a look, have a little laugh. I don't really know how to best use the site at the moment, but I'll figure it out. It seems like there is a lot of potential in the platform to keep myself creatively motivated while possibly earning a little extra dough to help pay some bills.

I hadn't checked my Patreon page since last July, but I went in today and edited the copy and added some new rewards. Do you think anyone will pay me $20 a month to get a personalized voicemail message? Or pay me $20 to receive a video of me rapping a verse by Nicki Minaj? I sure hope so.

I will rap to you

$20 or more per month

I love to rap (mostly Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj, but I also write my own raps sometimes) and if you choose this reward I will make a video of myself rapping a hot 16 and will send it directly to you. Just send me your email address first, or maybe your phone number.

I will call you and leave a poem on your voicemail

$20 or more per month

You have to give me your phone number, though. Don't worry, I will only call once a month, and I promise I won't sell your phone number to some shady umbrella corporation if you promise to do the same for me.

This is a pretty cool reward if you never get phone calls and you enjoy listening to voicemails.